Plenary Session Speakers
Prof. Bulent Sarlioglu

Bulent Sarlioglu is a Professor at University of Wisconsin–Madison, and Associate Director, Wisconsin Electric Machines and Power Electronics Consortium (WEMPEC). Dr. Sarlioglu spent more than ten years at Honeywell International Inc.’s aerospace division, most recently as a staff system engineer, earning Honeywell’s technical achievement award in 2003 and an outstanding engineer award in 2011.

Dr. Sarlioglu contributed to multiple programs where high-speed electric machines and drives are used mainly for aerospace and ground vehicle applications.

Dr. Sarlioglu is the inventor or co-inven­tor of 19 US patents and many other inter­national patents. His re­search areas are motors and drives including high-speed electric ma­chines, novel electric machines, and application of wide bandgap devices to power electronics to increase efficiency and power density.

He received the NSF CAREER Award in 2016 and the 4th Grand Nagamori Award from Nagamori Foundation, Japan in 2019.

Dr. Şarlıoglu became IEEE IAS Distinguished Lecturer in 2019.

He is the technical program co-chair for ECCE 2019 and was the general chair for ITEC 2018.

Re-emergence of Current Source Inverters using Wide Bandgap Devices and Comparison with Voltage Source Inverters

Presenter: Bulent Sarlioglu, Ph.D., Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA, IEEE Distinguished Lecturer


Wide-bandgap (WBG) power devices are about to have a significant impact on future machine drives.  In this lecture, Dr. Sarlioglu will present the most recent research results for current source inverters (CSI) and compare the CSI with voltage source inverter.  Current source inverters feature interesting characteristics, i.e., almost sinusoidal output voltage, reduced EMI/EMC and bearing current issue, no-dc link capacitor, high-temperature capability. With the high switching capability of WBG devices, the dc-link inductor of the CSI can be significantly reduced and opens the door for competition with VSI.   In the second part of his talk, Dr. Sarlioglu will present high efficiency and high power density integrated motor drive concepts using wide-bandgap (WBG) power devices. Integrated motor drives have various benefits, including eliminating cable between the motor and power electronics, reducing the EMI/EMC emissions, and potential joint cooling of the motor and power electronics.  The lecture will include practical challenges associated with designing WBG-based inverters and conclude with a discussion of current and future applications of WBG-based motor drives.