Technical Tracks and Expected Keynote Speakers

 T1: Power Systems and Electromagnetics.

Electric Circuits and Networks, Electromagnetic Field, Electromagnetic Materials, Components and Applications, EMC/EMI, Power Systems, Power Quality, Electrical Apparatus, Transmission, High Voltage, Electric Arc, Plasma, Utility Applications, Safety and Reliability in Power Engineering.
Track chairs: Mihai Cernat (Romania), Bulent Ertan (Turkey).

T2: Electrical Machines, Industrial Drives and Control.

AC/DC Motor Drives, Motion and Drive Control, Sensorless Control, Electric Propulsion, Automotive Applications, Electrical Machines Design and Modelling, Thermal, Noise and Vibrations Issues, Electric Generators and their Control, Testing and Diagnostics.
Track chairs: Ion Boldea (Romania), Dan Ionel (USA), Pedram Asef (UK).

T3: Power Electronics and Power Conversion.

Power Electronics Modelling, Simulation, Design, Control, DC/DC Conversion, AC/AC Converters, Rectifiers, Inverters, PWM Systems, Converters for Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicles, Power Electronic Devices and Systems, Semiconductors, UPS, Active and Hybrid Filtering, Power Line Conditioning, DSP and Microcontrollers for Power Electronics and Control.
Track chairs: Dorin Neacsu (USA), Dorin Petreus (Romania).

T4: Renewable Electric Energy Conversion, Processing and Storage.

Wind Energy, Photovoltaics, Hydro/Micro-hydro Power, Battery Technologies, Fuel Cells & Hydrogen Storage, other Energy Storage Technologies, Distributed Generation Systems. SmartGrids, Intelligent Environment, Building Management.
Track chairs: Remus Teodorescu (Denmark), Ioan Serban (Romania).

T5: Applied Electronics, Mechatronics, Control and Automation.

Computer Vision, Image Processing, Signal Processing, Modelling, Simulation, Artificial Intelligence, Mechatronics, Robotics, Human-Machine Interface Technology, Automation, Smart Sensors, Control Systems, Embedded Systems.
Track chairs: Silvia Cirstea (UK), Jin Zhang (UK).

T6: Electrical Engineering Education and Emerging Technologies.

Novel Educational Tools, Methods and Materials, Distance Learning, Information and Communication Technologies in Laboratories, University-Industry Collaboration, New Holistic Systems Modelling.
Track chairs: Elena Helerea (Romania), Cristina Luca (UK).

Special Sessions:

– Diagnostic and applications of electrical discharges (Power supplies for non-thermal plasma electrical discharges; Reactors for production of non-thermal plasmas; Applications of laboratory electrical discharges; Diagnostic of non-thermal plasma electrical discharges).
Track chairs: Bogdan Hnatiuc (Romania), Bogdan Ulejczyk (Poland).
– Industry news, Others (subject to proposals received).
Track chairs: Cristina Luca (UK), Elena Helerea (Romania).

Expected Keynote Speakers:

Prof. Frede Blaabjerg, Fellow, IEEE; Aalborg University, Denmark: “Power Electronics Technology – Quo Vadis
Prof. Akira Chiba, Fellow, IEEE; Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan: “Bearingless and Reluctance motors
Prof. Babak Fahimi, Fellow, IEEE; University of Texas at Dallas, USA: “Motor Whisperer : On the Art of Dialogue with Electric Machinery“.
Prof. Ronghai Qu, Fellow, IEEE; IEEE IAS Distinguished Lecturer; Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, China: “Highly-compacted Electrical Machines with Dual-mechanical-port & Dual-electrical-port
Prof. Bülent Şarlıoğlu, Senior Member, IEEE; IEEE IAS Distinguished Lecturer, University of Wisconsin–Madison, USA: “Re-emergence of Current Source Inverters using Wide Bandgap Devices and Comparison with Voltage Source Inverters”.
Dr. Christian von Albrechsfeld, Head of Continental’s Automotive Eng. (Romania).
Dr. Otilia Boaghe, Engineer at ARM Ltd, Cambridge, UK: “Verification of RISC processors – challenges with innovative solutions“.
You can download Call For Papers page (.pdf) from below (updated July 11):