Author's kit

Author’s Kit – Paper Submission System

General instructions for authors

Papers must be written in English. Full paper length (up to 6 proceedings pages), including figures, are allowed for each paper. Papers should follow the IEEE double-column format (A4 size).

Standard IEEE conference templates are found here:
Detailed guidelines for creating manuscripts are found here:
Authors should only submit original work that has neither appeared elsewhere for publication, nor is under review for another refereed publication. The conference will verify the originality of manuscripts by comparing them with millions of other articles in databases worldwide. Manuscripts that violate IEEE’s publication principles may be rejected. If the violation is deemed severe, then disciplinary actions may also be taken by IEEE. Before submission, please familiarize yourself with the following IEEE authorship guidelines and policies:

First step: Paper Proposal submission

Deadline:  June 01, 2021

A full paper proposal describing work not previously published or presented have to be electronically submitted in PDF file through the conference website no later than the deadline. The paper must be written in English UK or English US. Normally, the paper proposal should be 6-8 pages long (maximum 10 pages can be also admitted), two-column, single-space, on A4 format with supporting figures, tables and references, headed by title of paper and choice of topic category.

The submitted paper proposal will be reviewed via a peer review process in order to ensure the highest technical quality of the conference. The paper proposal should clearly define the salient concepts and novel features of the work. Be sure to mention past or previous works to distinguish your originality from them (papers will be checked against plagiarism using a specialized software).

Paper Proposal Submission entrance is available HERE

Notification of Acceptance: June 30, 2021

Authors will be notified by e-mail about the paper acceptance no later than June 30, 2021.

Templates: Manuscript Templates for Conference Proceedings

Second step, after paper acceptance: Final Paper submission

Deadline: July 19, 2021

All full papers and signed copyright must be uploaded by above deadline. All authors must also register and pay the fee by indicated deadline. If you have not received your email with your paper’s status, please login on your account and check under “Paper Submission” to view the results and reviews for your paper.

For the final paper, the reviewer’s comments (eventually) received in the notification e-mail have to be taken into account. The correctness of the English language has to be carefully checked.

IEEE is very strict about the requirements for converting application files or PostScript files to full-text PDF for inclusion in IEEE Xplore®. Please follow the detailed instructions in “IEEE PDF File Preparation Guide for IEEE Xplore®”, which describes the essential steps in distilling PDFs that meet IEEE requirements.

The most important issue is to make sure that all fonts used in the paper are EMBEDDED, especially for papers from Asia and Europe. The “IEEE PDF File Preparation Guide for IEEE Xplore®” details the process to ensure that all fonts used are embedded and subsetted. Failure to embed and subset fonts is the biggest obstacle to PDF compliance with IEEE Xplore®. Papers failing to meet IEEE Xplore® PDF requirements may be rejected.

We encourage authors to check their final papers for IEEE compliance using the IEEE PDF eXpress system  before they are submitted. Please go to and create an account (or if you already have one from previous conferences use the existing one to log in) and use the Conference ID50812X. After logging in, you have to create a new title for each paper you have and you can either check your pdf file using the Submit PDF for checking option or create a compliant PDF from the source file using the Submit Source Files for Conversion. If your PDF file fails the check you can always Try again after fixing the issues from the PDF Check Report. If all checks are passed you can then proceed to upload your final manuscript.

For more information about PDF eXpress, please consult the related documentation: Using IEEE PDF eXpress®

Formatting rules

Papers are limited to ten (10) A4 sized sheets, and must conform to IEEE double column format. Submissions exceeding 10 pages will be rejected.

Do NOT insert any headers, footers, or page numbers.