Access OPTIM-ACEMP 2021 conference rooms

INTERNATIONAL JOINT CONFERENCE OPTIM-ACEMP 2021 will be held online using Big Blue Button conference system (live sessions).

Four conference rooms will be available, according to the program. The access to the conference rooms will be provided on the conference webpage and joining the rooms will be allowed to all registered and invited participants (

When accessing the room, you have to provide your name and click the Join button. A moderator will allow you to enter the room. Once you enter the room, you will choose the audio mode to join the room: microphone or headphones (listen only). In order to speak at the conference, you have to choose the proper microphone according to your system settings and follow the echo test.

The interface of the application will display in a box on the left side of the screen the list of participants that are currently in the room. A Public chat box is also displayed and is available to participants to communicate.

When entering the room, a user is muted. When you need to speak, you have to unmute the microphone by clicking the microphone icon on the bottom of the screen. Please keep the mute mode if you do not need to speak. To enter the conference room in video mode you have to share your webcam by clicking the webcam icon and choose the camera according to your system settings.

Before starting the presentation online, open the presentation in a window; it is strongly recommended to run PowerPoint presentation. To make a presentation, the moderator of the room will make you presenter. Once you are a presenter, you may share your screen by clicking the screen icon at the bottom of screen. You may choose to share the entire screen or only share a window; it is recommended to share the window where the presentation is already running.

To exit the conference room, you have to point the upper right corner Options menu (three dots) and choose Logout.

If you face difficulties joining the conference rooms, give us a call/WhatsApp message or send an e-mail.

P: +40 744 532 230


What is your opinion for the location you prefer to have the next meeting. Thank you.