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Prof. Maria Merlyne De Souza,
Sheffield University (UK), Member IEEE, IEE, AIP, IOP, MRS

M. M. De Souza received the B.Sc. (‘85) from the University of Bombay, BE (‘88) I.I.Sc, Bangalore, and PhD (‘94) from the University of Cambridge, UK. She is currently Professor of Microelectronics at the University of Sheffield since 2007.
She has been a technical and Executive committee member of IEDM between 2012-2017 and a TCM of the IEEE-International Relibility Physics Symposium (2003-2013).
She is currently member of the Editorial Board of the IET Journal of Circuits Devices and Systems, and the IOP Journal of Phys D. She has served as a panel member for the Materials Program “Frinatek” of the Norwegian council 2013-2015 and been a reviewer for funding councils for over 10 countries worldwide. She is a registered STEM ambassador for Leicestershire.

Enhancement mode p-channel devices for GaN CMOS.


GaN is a material with an exceptional potential for transformative applications spanning lighting, high frequency communications and power applications. Nevertheless, the introduction of GaN power devices in system level applications today is challenging due to the difficulty in achieving controlled switching at extremely high dV/dt. The parasitic interactions can be addressed with functional p-type devices to facilitate Complementary logic (CMOS) in GaN.
However, the maximum reported mobility of holes in an enhancement mode two dimensional hole gas (2DHG) device in GaN is no more than 20-50 cm2/Vs. Moreover, an inherent tradeoff between the threshold voltage and maximum on-current limits the switching capability of the device. In this talk, we will explore options for normally off p-channel devices in CMOS inverter configurations in GaN and explore the challenges of their integration in Power Management ICs.