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Dr.-Ing. Jose Rodriguez,
President Universidad Andres Bello, Chile, IEEE Fellow.

Jose Rodriguez is Electrical Engineer from Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria, Chile and Doktor-Ingenieur from Universität Erlangen, Germany. He has dedicated his research work to the control and transformation of electrical energy. He is author of more than 400 publications in conferences and journals. He is Fellow of the IEEE and Fellow of the Chilean Academy of Engineering.
He is included in the list of the “World´s most Influential Scientific Minds”. He was the President of Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria and now he is the President of Universidad Andres Bello.



The control of electrical energy using power semiconductors and microprocessors is one of the most attractive and active research areas in modern power electronics.
In addition, the availability of modern microprocessors with a tremendous calculation power at high speed and reduced cost, makes it possible the development of new and different control strategies, being Model Predictive Control (MPC) one of them. The use of MPC makes it possible to control a power converter without using Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) and linear controllers. Other attractive features of MPC are: it can applied to all kind of processes (all kind of converters), it is intuitive and very simple to understand, it is very simple to implement and works easily with nonlinearities.
The talk will present the fundamentals and will demonstrate that it is completely different to the classical control strategies. The presentation will also show the application of MPC in a wide variety of converters: two level voltage source inverter, three level NPC inverter, Active Front End Rectifier (AFE) and Matrix Converter. In addition, the presentation will show the application of MPC in three phase AC motor drives.