Call for industry

New Products Presentation Papers from Industry
oral session and exhibition

1. The scope:

The biannual International Conference OPTIM-ACEMP in its 2017 event organizes an industry exhibition and a special oral session "Industry news" where small, average and big companies may present in ENGLISH (within 15 minutes) their new products in Power Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

2. Fees

The fee for the renting of an exhibition booth (12 m2, with a table, chairs, lateral and back panels and an electric power socket is 200 Euro.
The presentation in the oral session has a fee of only 100 Euro/presentation. We urge to apply for both but you may choose also either the exhibition booth or the oral session presentation. All participants at OPTIM-ACEMP 2017 benefit of one free trip in May 27, the third (cultural) day of the Conference, which facilitates new contacts and friendships, as massively proven by previous OPTIM biannual events.

3. Venue

"Cheile Gradistei" Complex, Moieciu, Brasov county, Romania

4. Motivation

OPTIM biannual events are technically sponsored by IEEE-IES, -PELS, -IAS and by IET and that about 50% of the about 140-150 papers come from abroad (above 25 countries). Interested beneficiaries of "Industry news" product presentation special oral session and exhibition will be invited to attend OPTIM-ACEMP 2017.
So, the industry Forum started at OPTIM 2008 continues biannually with a progressively better interfacing of producers and users of "Power Electrical and Electronics Products".

5. How to apply

Prof. Elena HELEREA (helerea@unitbv.ro)
Dr. Bülent ȘARLIOGLU (sarlioglu@wisc.edu)
Prof. Muammer ERMIȘ (ermis@metu.edu.tr)

6.Deadline for applications : April 15, 2017

Looking forward to meet you in May at OPTIM-ACEMP 2017 in Moieciu